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Location : In the darkness
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Name:: Dark
Age:: 17
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PostSubject: Information   Information Icon_minitimeTue Jul 24, 2007 11:51 am

Generating your character
Go into your profile and click on the generate character button
If its not there thats because I have already done it for you
Now go to the character section in ur profile and you can start editing it

Now as for your character, in this RPG you can be an original character, or an anime character(Inuyasha, Kenshin, etc.) or a Video Game Character. But I warn you, you had better not deviate from their personality.
As for where you live tell me, near the town square, in the forest, whatever. And if you want you can describe your house/land(or post a pic of it). You can be a goddess or witch or sorceror, there can be more then one also. Fifty mermaids twelve witches forty goddesses...(poor witches )
So yeah.
Also just because I don't have something like a blacksmith or carpenter or whatever on there doesn't mean you can't be one, those other jobs can be wherever on the map that's why they aren't on there. You can be a carpenter in the mountains for all I care. Or a restraunt in the mountains. Or whatever

You join a group and each group can go to different places. There are also hidden groups that you will get invited to if you do certain things like steal or if your character is a spiritual being.

ok heres how the love meter goes
if u have no love at all it is 0/1000
you change the first number to how much u wat want ur character to be in love with a certain person.
If your character reaches 1000/1000 he/she/it is so completly in love that is acctually kind of disturbing and your now ready for marriage
get it?

As for the festivals tell me which ones you want in this RPG.
I already have us down for Tomato Festival. If no one remembers that it was from BTN/BTN for girls, the festival where you had tomato fights?

Explanation of the different Dice
Information De6 - used for gambling
Information Flirt- used for flirting with another character
you may or may not get rejected
Information Attack- used for attacking another character,
you may ot may not be successful. If you get hit 3 times you lose. If you continue fighting and you get hit again after being hit the 3rd time you will pass out and you will wake up in the closest inn.
You may give up at any time during the fight.
Information Marriage- used to ask another character to marry you,
you are more likely to get rejected
Information Sleepover- used to have a romantic night with another character,
you may get rejected or accepted, but watch out
if you get success and you were romantic with a character of the opposite gender, the female will be pregnant.
Information Latrela- used to drink beer you may or may not get drunk
Information Gift- used to give another character a gift they
may not like it though
Information Stl- this isnt really a smart thing to do, but if you do attempt
to steal something you better be ready to get busted

Warants: You can get a warrant for doing many different things.
The most common is underaged drinking. You must be 18 or older to drink.
You don't get a bounty for that, but if you did something else along with it you will.


-No godmoding, etc.
-You can be ANYTHING
-I dun care if you cuss(it'll be blocked anyways XD)
-Same gender relationships allowed(boyxboy or girlxgirl) cause I belive everyone has the right to like who they want to
-You can be two characters, PM if you want to be a third, give me the character data and I'll see if it's worthy
-If your an anime/video game character they don't have to like who they did in wherever they came from(ex:LinkxZelda)
-Anime/Video game characters don't have to wear the same outfits from where they came from
- Only roll one dice at a time and keep the number you roll it reasonable
-Keep the anime/video game characters personalities
-Have fun! :thumbsup
Character info:


Love:(1 item)
Likes:(3 at the least, six at the most)
Neutral(3 items)
Dislikes(3 items)
Hates(1 item)
Status:(if your in love or have a crush on someone or single)

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Number of posts : 183
Age : 27
Location : In the darkness
Registration date : 2007-07-24

Name:: Dark
Age:: 17
Gender:: Male

Information Empty
PostSubject: Re: Information   Information Icon_minitimeWed Jul 25, 2007 10:13 am

The bachelorettes bachelors and the crime lords are playable characters if you have not yet made your own[pm me to get the character you want]
or they can be characters that don't do anything, but you can marry(that is if they agree)
There are also other bachelors/bachelorettes in the different worlds and towns. If the character isn't married you can marry them if they agree.
Information Animeguy
Name: Kor
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Lives: In Town
Hobbies/Skills: Flirting with men
Looks: purple hair, sort of femine
Bio: Shiruune is a traveling semi-cross dressing magican.
He likes to look for men, usually a few years younger then he is.
Not much is know about him except for that he is strange. Maybe he's hiding something?
Love: Pretty boys
Likes: Jewerly
Neutral: cloaks and spells
Dislikes: skimpy girls
Hates: People who poke fun at his style of dress
Status: He is curtaintly single but will hint on any attractive young males around. As long as they are 15 or older.
Family: Unknown
House: Inn
Information Dark
Name: Ruu
Age: 16?
Gender: Unknown
Lives: With the girl he/she is currently with at any given moment
Hobbies/Skills: Being a player, stealing art
Looks: dark purple hair and is serious looking
Bio: Ruu is a player and never seems to care about anything.
But when he's/she's busy stealing something valuable he's/she's totally serious.
Love: Girls and Frilly skimpy articles of clothing(on girls of course)
Likes: Art and Fish
Neutral: weapons and pick locks and other tools of his/her trade
Dislikes: guys who try to arrest him
Hates: people who try to steal his/her girls
Status: He/she is defiently single and goes around with every girl he/she lays eyes on.
Family: None
House: Whatever his/she newest trophy girl's house is like
Information SK_Tetsuya
Name: Shion
Age: 15?
Gender: Male
Lives: At the entrance of the dungeons(right when you enter it)
Job: Blacksmith
Hobbies/Skills: Music, blacksmithing.
Looks: young and handsome
Bio: Shion was abandoned at birth so he doesn't know his real parents. He was found by a infamous family of demons who were quite feared for being ruthless murders(in other words think of freddy kreuger, jason, michael, sadako, and any other famous murderer together as a family, and you got an idea of it)
So his exact birthday isn't known but he is somewhere around 14-15. Suprisingly he likes his family. He doesn't live with em right now cause he wanted to travel at the age of 9-10 but their always there for him. He's babied by them for being the youngest, and his father is extremly overprotective of him.
Even though he is human he ages as a demon would, and has demon powers, but a human heart. His race of demons is a dragon demon. Shion is weird, and likes to mess with people. Though he is of demon blood he gets along well with humans, but is wary of them. Also Shion was born blind. Shion likes music and is a good cook considering...
No one in his family can cook, in fact his family had gone through a lot of houses because everytime someone cooked the house would either blow up or get on fire. So for the sake of his sanity and family he learned to cook. Shion has fifteen sisters and thirteen brothers. Shion is quite short and hates to be reminded of it. Oh and because he is half human he has three forms, his full form which is a real small dragon(in demon years he would still be considered a baby) and his human form(the one he usually takes) and a mix of the two.

Love: Any musical type item
Likes: Chocolate, properly cooked food, cats
Neutral: wine, rice, herbs
Dislikes: People who take advantage of him, people who hate his family
Hates:dogs(this is more of a fear, depending on interaction with others he may get over this)
Status: single
Animals/Pets: none
Family: 13 brothers, 15 sisters, Mother, Father, Two uncles, One aunts, A lot of cousins(demons are close to all their kindsfolk) One grandpa and one grandma
Upstairs of house: Upstairs
downstairs of house: Downstairs
Information E
Name: Ishashuren
Age: Immortal
Gender: Male
Lives: Wherever he is at the moment
Hobbies/Skills: Gaining power
Looks: Long hair and steely eyes
Bio: Ishashuren is a powerful demon Lord and is eternally young. He likes to gain power and wisdom as he travels the mortal world.
Love: ?
Likes: Books about black magic
Neutral: History of the demonic world(its a book)
Dislikes: weak people
Hates: mortals
Status: Not much is know. He may at one time had a wife, but she either died or never existed. It is not know whether he is attracted to male or females or any kind of mortal for that matter.
Family: None
House: He sleeps up against a tree most of the time. Thats as close as he gets to having a home.
Information Bride3
Name: Komoto
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Lives: In the village
Hobbies/Skills: Cooking and cleaning
Looks: Beautiful yet always sad
Bio: Komoto was once a happy a pure young woman who was secretly going to get married to the man she considered to good to be true. Everything was going as planned for the two elopers until the day they were to be married. Her fiance was late to their secret wedding so she hurried to his home to find him. But when she arrived he was mysteriously dead and she has never been able to forget the moment she found him lying on the floor in what would have been their house.
Love: flowers
Likes: earrings
Neutral: wheat cake
Dislikes: the thought of dying
Hates: things that remind her of her fiance
Status: She is single. She has long longged for Ishashuren's affection and protection, but she has never actually told anyone how she feels because she doesn't think he would love a mortal woman who lost her almost husband.
Family: Father is in a town far away. Kotomo ran away from home after her father learned that she has been engaged to the man who died.
House: She lives in a simple peasent house.
Information Cool
Name: Tia
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Lives: with her sensei
Hobbies/Skills: Sword fighting
Looks: Fiery and fierce
Bio: Tia is a young and fiery swordswoman. She and her sensei don't always see eye to eye on things, one of them being her sneaking out at night. Her sensei is only 6 years older than her yet he is very calm and collected. Unlike her he is layed back. Tia has authority problems, but her goal is to someday be the best swords fighter ever! She doesn't care that she is a female and she knows how to kick some butt!
Love: swords
Likes: beer
Neutral: leather
Dislikes: girly things
Hates: flowers and people telling her what to do
Status: She is single but there is a rumor that she and Ruu are active together. No one knows for sure though.
Family: Her sensei
House: She lives in a her sensei's house.
Information Rose
Name: Rose
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Lives: with her mother in town
Hobbies/Skills: flowers and signing
Looks: young and joyful
Bio: Rose is a young girl who helps her mother out in the florist's shop.
Her father went off to help in a war when she was a baby but she doesnt know that she even has a father.(Her mother gave up on her father ever coming back and has raised her 2 children as if they never had a father)
She is young and naive and will sometimes not understand what you are trying to say if you hint on her.
Love: dresses, flowers, and the heart shaped necklace Kor gave her
Likes: cookies and ice cream
Neutral: cake
Dislikes: she doesnt even know what he doesnt like
Hates: nothing
Status: She is single and has no idea that her mother wants her to get married.
Family: Mother and younger brother
House: She lives in a cute little cozy town house.

Crime Lords
Information Jessica
User rpging as this character: xxx7dudet
Name: Talia
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Lives: Feriel
Hobbies/Skills: sword fighting, crime, rare and pricless treasures
Looks: Very attractive female
Bio: Not much is known about Talia except that she comes from a far away land and overthrew the old leader of the Exisict
Love: Jewels, Drugs, and weapons
Likes: Katanas and Sake'
Neutral: Skimpy clothing
Dislikes: Highstrung Men
Hates: Authorities
Status: She is single and plans to keep herself that way.
Family: None
House: Exisict Headquarters
Information Boy_1
Name: Burious
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Lives: Feriel
Looks: A older man with a stern face
Bio: Burious was once an aid of a king but he gave up his life of honor for a life in crime and a pleasurable lifestyle.
Love: Dancing girls
Likes: Attractive females
Neutral: things of value
Dislikes: the royal family
Hates: Talia he thinks he too young to run a gang and also has a one sided rivalry with her that she will not get involved in
Status: He was almost married to the king's daughter, but gave up his would have been happy ending for his lust for riches.
Family: Father- Dead
Mother- Died of a Disease
Brother- Died from a Miscarriage
Sister- Unknown
House: Meotus Headquarters
Information Vampire_anime
Name: Death
Age: Immortal but he looks 17
Gender: Male
Lives: Feriel or one of the hells if he wants a change of pace
Hobbies/Skills: Killing others
Looks: Attractive yet terrifying young man
Bio: Death was sent to the mortal world to learn more about the humans way of life.
Love: Black Blood Ale
Likes: Strength and Talented people
Neutral: Mortal Ale
Dislikes: weak people
Hates: Mortal Food besides Ale made by mortals
Status: Single but he is attracted to Talia
Family: None
House: Onni Headquarters
Information 874-goldberry
Name: Lentra
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Lives: Ucorhor
Hobbies/Skills: Trade, seducing others to her do her will, magic and sword use
Looks: One of the most beautiful women in the world she can have any man she wants
Bio: Lentra was once a traveling nomad in one of the local gangs when she was about 13, a few years later she climbed her way through the ranks and over threw the government and is currently using the city as her own personal blackmarket.
Love: Jewels, Drugs, weapons, perfume
Likes: Spells, paired swords
Neutral: dresses
Dislikes: Others who try to steal from her
Hates: Outdated fashions
Status: She is single but might be willing to marry if someone asks
Family: Father- Killed by the king
Mother- Left father when she was born
House: The Royal Palace of Ucorhor
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